2019 Georgia Public Dove Fields


Biologists with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division have issued the 2019 dove field planting availability covering wildlife management areas and additional dove fields throughout the state.

All the fields are listed below, along with which crops are planted and the total acreage of plantings. Hunters can utilize this online resource as they plan their fall dove hunts.

Quota Hunts

Many fields listed are available during quota hunts only. Apply for dove field quota hunts through the Go Outdoors Georgia system (deadline to apply is August 15).

Some properties are privately owned but made available through a program called the Voluntary Public Access (VPA)/Habitat Incentive Program.

WMA Dove Fields for 2019

1Berry College WMAbrowntop millet, sunflower, sorghum30
1Crockford-Pigeon Mtn. WMACorn, Sunflowers30
1J. L. Lester WMA ##Sunflowers, browntop millet, corn, sorghum20
1McGraw Fordbrowntop millet, Sunflowers21
1Pine Log WMASunflowers, millet, sorghum32
2Dawson Forestproso & browntop millet, sunflower, corn28
2Hart Countybrown top, wheat, sunflowers, corn25
2Wilson Shoals ##brown top, wheat13
2Buck Shoals ##browntop millet25
3Alexander ##sunflowers, wheat, browntop millet60
3Clarks Hill ##wheat, browntop millet12
3Di-Lane ##sunflowers, wheat, browntop millet120
3Hiltoniawheat, browntop millet40
3Lower Broad River ##wheat13
3Oconee ##wheat and browntop millet20
3Redlands Adult/Child ##wheat, and browntop millet60
3Walton Adult/Child ##sunflowers, wheat, browntop millet50
3Yuchiwheat, browntop millet19
4B. F. Grantsunflowers, buckwheat, browntop millet22
4Big Lazer WMAbrowntop millet, egyptian wheat20
4Blanton Creek WMAwheat, brown top millet31
4Cedar Creeksunflowers, buckwheat, browntop millet42
4Chattahoochee Fall Line Ft. Perrywheat, browntop millet, sunflowers62
4Chattahoochee Fall Line Hilliardbrowntop millet, proso millet34
4Clybel WMAwheat, sunflowers, buckwheat, browntop millet155
4Flat Creek PFAbrowntop millet26
4Joe Kurzbrowntop millet, wheat, sunflower, egyptian wheat, buckwheat185
4Ocmulgee WMA-Gum Swampbuckwheat28
4Perry Dove Fieldsunflowers74
4Rum Creek WMAsunflower, browntop, wheat, corn, sorghum, buckwheat37
4Standing Boy Creek WMAbrowntop millet25
4West Pointwheat21
5Albany Nursery WMA ##Browntop millet29
5Elmodel WMASunflower, browntop millet254
5Chickasawhatchee WMA ##Browntop millet33
5Flint River WMAbrowntop millet15
6Beaverdam WMABrowntop millet9
6Paradise PFA ##Peanuts, corn, sunflowers80
6River Bend WMA ##Browntop millet, sunflowers, wheat26
6Alapaha River WMA ##Millet42
6Rogers State Prison FarmCorn500
6Dixon Memorial WMAMillet, sorghum, corn, Egyptian wheat53
7Richmond HillSunflower, browntop millet, dove proso, sorghum37

VPA Dove Fields for 2019

1McEntire Rd VPA##Sunflower32
2London FarmsCorn70
2Mossy Creek Dairy Dove FieldCorn140
4Rock Ranch VPAwheat16
6Appling Co. Dove Field ##Corn, Sunflowers123


Region 1 = Northwest Georgia
Region 2 = Northeast Georgia
Region 3 = East-central Georgia
Region 4 = West-central Georgia
Region 5 = Southwest Georgia
Region 6 = Southeast Georgia
Region 7 = Coastal Georgia

Call the Game Management Section regional office for up-to-date conditions.

## Adult/child and/or quota hunt restrictions;
## Apply for quota hunt online at www.GoOutdoorsGeorgia.com

Dove quota application deadline 8/15/2018