Find a Georgia Deer Tracking Dog

Shot a deer but having trouble locating it? There are dozens of blood-trailing dog handlers across the state willing and able to help. Don’t let your deer go to waste. Below is a partial list of handlers provided by the Georgia Blood Trailing Network Facebook group, listed by county of coverage with the name and the best means of contact for each.

If you are a blood trailing dog handler and would like to be put on the list, or if you know of any handlers not listed drop us an email and let us know and we’ll get them added.

Brad Gill – 706-816-8831
Putnam County

Tony Tavizon – 706-348-5103
Habersham County (50 mile radius)

Kayla Harmon – 770-547-5646
Bartow County and surrounding areas.

Todd Brown – 404-456-4846
Jackson, Madison, Elbert, Barrow, Athens-Clark, Ogletheorpe, Oconee, Walton, Greene, Newton, Morgan, Jasper, Rockdale, and Gwinnett. Will also travel as needed!

William Kirkland – 706-424-2616
Barrow, Oconee, Jackson, Gwinnett, Walton, Greene and surrounding areas. If available will travel almost anywhere in Georgia.

Scott Lopez – 912-294-7369
Middle Georgia

Mike Lopez – 630-240-6394
Middle Georgia

Matt Wilkes – 404-569-4273
Paulding County and surrounding areas. If available will travel anywhere in state of Georgia.

Kathy Presley – 706-994-0529
Forsyth County

Kenny Mullins – 850-838-6101
Grady, Thomas, Brooks, Lowndes, and Echols

Charlie Hunt – 770-344-8196
Pike, Upson, Meriwether, Paulding, and surrounding areas

Heath Carmichael – 229-402-3678
Tift County and surrounding areas

Harold Kowalsky – 334-421-1811
Randolph, Clay, Whitman, Stewart, Chattahoochee, Muscogee, Harris, and Troup

Tom Rodriguez – 352-317-1329
Sylvania, GA

Randy Vick – 229-224-1814
Thomasville, GA, and a 2 hour radius

Jeff Andrews – 706-988-0725
Elbert and surrounding counties

Scott Abernathy – 706-809-8358
White County (would like to stay within an hour of Cleveland)

Brad Whitmire – 931-691-0548
Rome, Dalton, and Calhoun counties

Lyle Avis- 785-307-2097
Muscogee and Chattahoochee counties

Amanda Arnsdorff – 912-536-2181/912-687-5115
Bulloch and surrounding counties

Ken Parker – 770-468-5459
Spalding, Pike, Meriwether, Lamar, Coweta, and Fayette counties

Hunters, remember these teams listed above are offering the assistance of themselves and there dog partners to assist with helping to recover a down/wounded deer for you on a voluntary basis. These teams put a lot of time, effort, training, and money into there dogs. so please be respectful of the teams and the handlers decisions on working the dog to be most successful for you. Please remember these teams are voluntarily helping fellow hunters, I’m sure the teams would appreciate reimbursement of expense for travel to get their dogs to you.

Tips for Success

To give the dog the best possible chance for success, please follow these simple instructions, which were compiled by the experienced blood-trailing handlers at the Georgia Blood Trailing Network Facebook group:

1) Mark the HIT site before you even try to track for yourself. This is probably one of the most important aspects of a successful track. There is A LOT of information that can be gathered here for both handler and dog.

2) Don’t search more than 20 yards past the last blood. If you have made the decision to call a tracking team.

3) Don’t take your lap dog and then call for a blood dog.

4) Call ASAP, you can always go back and grid search with help later if no one is available.

5) Mark the last blood, and then exit the area away from the blood trail. Try not to walk on the path you have been trailing.

6) Get permission of neighbors to search if you think it might be needed. It is still up to the property owner to allow you to retrieve your deer. No, DNR cannot show up and MAKE them let you.

Note: It should be understood that the hunter requesting the help from a blood trailing/tracking dog will cover the expenses of the member coming to your rescue. Agree on circumstances before allowing the team to descend to your area.