Georgia Public Land Hog Hunting Opportunities Begin August 15


Georgia hunters can finally return to the woods this Thursday, August 15 as squirrel season opens across the state. For many, however, this marks the opportunity to hit many of Georgia’s wildlife management areas (WMAs) to pursue wild hogs. Hog hunting is allowed on Georgia’s WMAs during any open small game or big game season utilizing whatever weapon is legal for that season. So in this case, hunters can pursue hogs on any WMA open for squirrel (small game) season utilizing small game legal weapons.

Legal Hog Hunting Weapons During Small Game Season:

  • Any .22-caliber or smaller rimfire or air rifle
  • Any muzzleloading firearm
  • Any shotgun utilizing No. 2 or smaller shot (so no slugs or buckshot), and
  • Any bow or crossbow

While many WMAs across Georgia have populations of feral hogs, it is best to check with the Regional Game Management office in your area to see where those populations are most prevalent and specific locations on those WMA’s where current hog sign may be present. Listed below are the contact numbers for each regional office along with the WMAs that have historically supported the highest density of feral hogs. All WMAs listed below have a small game season beginning August 15. The length and dates of those seasons beyond that vary by WMA. For specific WMA information, check out

Georgia’s Best Public Land Hog Hunting WMAs

Region 1 – Northwest Region – (706) 295-6041

Cohutta WMA, Pine Log WMA, and John’s Mountain WMA

Region 2 – Northeast Region – (770) 535-5700

Warwoman WMA, Chattahoochee WMA, and Lake Russell WMA

Region 3 – East Central Region – (706) 595-4222

Tuckahoe WMA, Di-Lane WMA

Region 4 – West Central Region – (478) 825-6354

Oaky Woods WMA, Ocmulgee WMA, Big Lazer Creek WMA, and Sprewell Bluff WMA (west tracts)

Region 5 – Southwest Region – (229) 430-4254

Elmodel WMA, Flint River WMA, and Chickasawhatchee WMA

Region 6 – South Central Region – (229) 426-5267

Big Hammock WMA, River Bend WMA, Beaverdam WMA, Horse Creek WMA, and Bullard Creek WMA

Region 7 – Coastal Region – (912) 262-3173

Altamaha WMA, Griffin Ridge WMA, and Townsend WMA


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