2016-2017 Public Land Turkey Harvest Comparison


Georgia’s 2017 turkey season has come and gone and a lot of hunters were left wondering about the state of Georgia’s turkey population. If you base your figures on the harvest numbers generated by the relatively new call-in deer and turkey check system, then you may find your self somewhat alarmed. Those “harvest numbers” are down well over 50% when compared to estimated harvest numbers before the call-in system. But is the harvest really down that much or is it simply a factor of many folks not taking the time to properly check their harvested bird? Most likely it is more the latter, but we’ll dive into that topic more in a future article.

This week, we wanted to look at this year’s public land harvest compared to last year’s. Many WMAs saw an increase in reported turkey harvests this spring, but again we are left with the question: Did more turkeys really get harvested or did more people comply with the new check-in law? For now, we’ll leave you with these figures from the 2016 & 2017 Georgia public land turkey harvest and let you decide. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Alapaha River WMA099
Alexander WMA43-1
Allatoona WMA142410
Alligator Creek WMA011
Almo Tract, Chattahoochee Fall Line WMA75-2
Altama Plantation WMA022
Altamaha WMA6104
Arrowhead WMA20
Beaverdam WMA76-1
Berry College WMA14217
Berry Creek Area, Rum Creek WMA31-2
BF Grant WMA1412-2
Big Dukes Pond WMA (Dukes Pond)253
Big Hammock WMA5138
Big Lazer Creek WMA9134
Blackjack Tract, Chattahootchee Fall Line WMA011
Blanton Creek WMA112211
Blue Ridge WMA16193
Bobby Brown State Park20-2
Bond Swamp National Wildlife Refuge72-5
Buck Island, Townsend WMA110
Bullard Creek WMA153318
Bullard Creek WMA Ocmulgee Tract20-2
Cartecay Tract, Rich Mountain WMA341
Carter's Lake, Coosawattee WMA484
Cedar Creek WMA39390
Chattahoochee National Forest outside WMA223360137
Chattahoochee WMA9123
Chestatee WMA891
Chickasawhatchee WMA14195
Clark's Hill WMA (Clark Hill)8146
Clayhole Swamp WMA21-1
Clybel WMA (Charlie Elliott)43-1
Cohutta WMA3230-2
Cooper's Creek WMA10177
Coosawattee WMA462
Corps of Engineers, Andrews Lake10-1
Corps of Engineers, Clark's Hill Lake outside WMA (Lake Thurmond, Corps of Engineers)770
Corps of Engineers, Lake Allatoona Outside WMA121
Corps of Engineers, Lake George outside WMA10-1
Corps of Engineers, Lake Russell outside WMA374
Corps of Engineers, Lake Seminole outside WMA220
Corps of Engineers, West Point Lake outside WMA11132
Crockford-Pigeon Mountain WMA (Pigeon Mountain WMA)2819-9
Dan Denton, Oconee WMA022
Dawson Forest WMA283911
Dilane WMA193112
Dixon Bay WMA10-1
Dixon Memorial WMA18257
Dodge County PFA10-1
Doerun Pitcherplant Bog WMA10-1
Duke's Creek WMA (Smithgall Woods State Park)352
Echeconee Creek WMA10-1
Elmodel WMA32-1
Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge20-2
Fall Line Sandhills WMA143
FD Roosevelt State Park10-1
Fishing Creek WMA341
Flat Creek PFA242
Flat Tub WMA72-5
Flint River WMA286
Fort Gordon4026-14
Fort Perry, Chattahoochee Fall Line WMA10-1
Fort Stewart8810719
Germany Creek WMA10-1
Grand Bay WMA066
Griffin Ridge WMA32-1
Gum Swamp Creek, Ocmulgee WMA10-1
Hannahatchee WMA451
Hiltonia WMA231
Horse Creek WMA108-2
Hunter Army Airfield066
JL Lester WMA (Lester WMA)21-1
Joe Kurz WMA54-1
John's Mountain WMA104535
Keg Creek WMA10-1
Lake Hartwell, Corps of Engineers220
Lake Lanier Islands, Corps of Engineers220
Lake Russell WMA1613-3
Lake Seminole WMA42-2
Lake Walter F George WMA022
Little River Area, Cedar Creek110
Little Satilla WMA154-11
Mayhaw WMA4106
McGraw Ford WMA462
Moody Forest WMA341
Morgan Lake WMA10-1
Oaky Woods WMA990
Ocmulgee WMA15216
Oconee National Forest outside WMA43463
Oconee WMA8113
Ohoopee Dunes WMA154
Oliver Bridge WMA21-1
Otting Tract WMA41-3
Paulding Forest WMA435916
Paulk's Pasture WMA242
Penholoway Swamp WMA341
Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge28335
Pine Log WMA112211
Private Land976810602834
Public Land - Other265117-148
Redlands WMA314514
Rich Mountain WMA9145
Richmond Hill WMA41-3
River Bend WMA5105
River Creek WMA52-3
Rocky Mountain PFA022
Rum Creek WMA64-2
Sansavilla WMA11121
Savannah National Wildlife Refuge253
Sheffield WMA495
Silver Lake WMA7169
Sprewell Bluff WMA95-4
Standing Boy Creek State Park41-3
Swallow Creek WMA385
Tallulah Gorge State Park65-1
Townsend WMA231
Tuckahoe WMA (Spring Lake)114534
Warwoman WMA440
West Point WMA1510-5
Wilson Shoals WMA473
Yuchi WMA15227
Zahnd WMA132

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