2017 Public Dove Field Forecast


Dove season is less than two weeks away and the Georgia DNR  has released their preliminary public dove fields forecast. The field conditions listed are those expected on opening day of dove season, but obviously a lot can change between when the fields were checked in mid-July and September 2. For the most current information, call the Game Management Section regional office associated with that field.

Two things to keep in mind when planning a public land dove hunt: the public fields marked with an ## in the table below are adult/child and/or quota hunts. The drawing for quota dove hunts has already taken place, so if you didn’t apply prior to August 15, you are too late. Second, season dates on public dove fields often differ from the statewide season, so be sure to check the area-specific dates before heading afield.

Also note that dove hunters are now required to get Georgia’s new migratory bird stamp for $5.00 (unless you hold a sportsman’s or lifetime license) and a free HIP permit. You can purchase those at the DNR’s online license portal.

Georgia DNR Public Dove Fields

Information as of 7/18/2017 compiled by DNR-WRD personnel

Albany  Nursery  WMA  ##Browntop  millet29Good
Alexander  ##Sunflowers,  wheat,  browntop  millet55Fair  to  Good
Altamaha  Browntop/Proso18Good
Appling  Co.  Dove  Field  ##Corn,  sunflowers107Good
B.  F.  GrantWheat,  sunflowers13Good
Beaverdam  WMAGrain  sorghum,  millet18Not  planted
Berry  College  WMAMillet,  sunflower,  corn30Good
Blanton  Creek  ##Wheat31Fair
Cedar  CreekBrowntop  millet,  wheat,  sunflowers42Fair
Chattahoochee  Fall  LineWheat,  browntop  millet,  sunflowers,  egyptian  wheat70Good
Chickasawhatchee  WMA  ##Browntop  millet33Good
Clarks  Hill  ##Wheat,  browntop  millet20Fair  to  Good
Clybel  ##Sunflower,sorghum,  proso  millet,  buckwheat,  egyptian  wheat125Good
Crockford-­Pigeon  Mtn.  WMACorn,  sunflowers,  wheat30Good
Dawson  ForestWheat,  buckwheat,  sunflower,  corn28Fair
Di-­Lane  ##Sunflowers,  wheat,  browntop  millet60Fair  to  Good
Di-­Lane  Adult/Child  ##Sunflowers,  wheat,  browntop  millet60Fair  to  Good
Dixon  Memorial  WMAMillet,  sorghum46Good
Elmodel  WMASunflower,  browntop  millet254Good
Flat  Creek  PFABrown  top  millet26Poor  to  Fair
Flint  River  WMAGrain  sorghum15Fair  
Hart  CountyBrown  top,  wheat,  sunflowers30Fair
HiltoniaWheat,  browntop  millet30Fair  to  Good
J.  L.  Lester  WMA  ##Sunflowers,  millet,  wheat,  corn,  sorghum18Good
Joe  KurzBrowntop,  wheat,  sunflower,  egyptian  wheat,  sesame170Fair
Lower  Broad  River  ##Wheat13Fair  to  Good
McDuffie  PFA  ##Wheat12Fair  to  Good
McGraw  FordBrowntop  millet,  proso  millet,  corn20Fair
Oconee  ##Wheat,  browntop  millet,  sorghum26Fair  to  Good
Paradise  PFA  ##Peanuts,  corn,  sunflowers80Good
Perry  Dove  FieldSunflowers74Good
Pine  Log  WMASunflowers,  millet,  corn32Good
Redlands  Adult/Child  ##Wheat,  browntop  millet,  sorghum60Fair  to  Good
Richmond  HillMillet/Sorghum28Good
River  Bend  WMAMillet,  sunflower,  wheat26Good
Rock  Ranch  VPABrowntop  millet16Good
Rogers  State  Prison  FarmCorn500Fair
Rum  Creek  ##Sunflower,  egyptian  wheat,  browntop,  proso  millet31Excellent
Standing  Boy  Creek  ##Browntop  millet21Fair  to  Good
Walton  Adult/Child  ##Sunflowers,  wheat,  browntop  millet50Fair  to  Good
West  PointBrowntop  millet,  wheat23Good
Wilson  Shoals  ##Browntop millet13Fair
YuchiWheat,  browntop  millet20Fair  to  Good

## – Adult/child and/or quota hunt restrictions; Dove quota application deadline 8/15/2017

VPA Public Dove Fields

PVA NameCropsAcreageForecast
Anderson  Dove  FieldsPeanuts/Millet127Good
GloKrest  Dairy  Dove  FieldsCorn110Good
London  FarmsCorn70Good
McEntire  Rd  VPA ##Wheat32Fair
Mossy  Creek  Dairy  Dove  FieldCorn140Fair  to  Good
Rock  Ranch  VPAWheat16
Seabolt  Farms  Dove  FieldsCorn62Good

## – Adult/child and/or quota hunt restrictions; Dove quota application deadline 8/15/2017

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