Apply Now for Georgia’s 2017 Turkey Quota Hunts


Mature gobbler taken on a Georgia turkey quota hunt

Georgia turkey hunters have just over a week remaining to put in for one of the state’s turkey quota hunts. The deadline to apply is February 15. Forty-five quota hunts are available on 23 of Georgia’s Wildlife Management Areas (See table below).

Easiest Hunts to Draw

For the hunter without preference points, there are a few options available that should (based on the 2015 drawing) provide you with an opportunity to get in the field this spring, including: the Big Lazer 3rd hunt, Blanton Creek 2nd hunt, Chattahoochee Fall Line – Almo 2nd and 3rd hunt, Chattahoochee Fall Line – Ft. Perry 2nd hunt, Chickasawhatchee 2nd hunt, Dukes Creek 3rd hunt, Griffin Ridge 2nd and 3rd hunt, Joe Kurz 3rd hunt, Ocmulgee 2nd hunt, Oconee 2nd hunt, River Bend 2nd hunt, and the Rum Creek 2nd hunt.

Most Difficult Hunts to Draw

Those with a preference point have quite a few more options and those with two preference points have a great chance of drawing nearly any hunt. In 2015, only three hunts required more than two preference points to draw, and those were Clybel 1st hunt, Conasauga River 1st hunt, Di-Lane 1st hunt, River Creek, Arrowhead 1st hunt, and the Rum Creek 1st hunt.

To see the full draw odds from the 2015 quota hunts, click here.

To apply for a 2017 turkey quota hunt, click here.

2017 Georgia Turkey Quota Hunts

Location Quota Date
Altama Plantation WMA Q20 Apr. 14-21 s | Apr. 28 – May 5 s
Arrowhead WMA Q2 Apr. 8-14 s | Apr. 15-21 s
B. F. Grant WMA Q80 Apr. 3-9 s
Big Lazer Creek WMA Q50 Mar. 25-Apr. 2 s | Apr. 8-16 s | Apr. 22-30 s
Blanton Creek WMA Q35 Mar. 25-Apr. 2 s | Apr. 8-16 s
Chattahoochee Fall Line WMA/Almo Area Q50 Mar. 25-Apr. 2 s | Apr. 8-16 s | Apr. 22-30 s
Chattahoochee Fall Line WMA/Fort Perry Area Q15 Mar. 25-27 s | Apr. 7-9 s
Chickasawhatchee WMA Q50 Mar. 25-31 s | Apr. 1-7 s
Clybel WMA Q25 Apr. 17-23 s | Apr. 24-30 s
Conasauga River WMA Q2 Apr. 8-14 s | Apr. 15-21 s
Di-Lane WMA Q30 Apr. 1-7 s | Apr. 8-14 s
Dukes Creek—
Smithgall Woods SP
Q20 Mar. 31 – Apr. 2 c | Apr. 14-16 c |
Apr. 28-30 c
Griffin Ridge WMA Q25 Apr. 1-7 c | Apr. 15-21 c |
Apr. 29-May 5 c
Joe Kurz WMA Q25 Mar. 25-Apr. 2 s | Apr. 8-16 s | Apr. 22-30 s
Ocmulgee WMA Q120 Mar. 25-31 s | Apr. 1-7 s
Oconee WMA Q30 Mar. 25-31 s | Apr. 1-7 s
River Bend WMA Q15 Mar. 25-31 s | Apr. 1-7 s
River Creek WMA Q5 Apr. 14-16 s
Rum Creek WMA Q25 Apr. 17-23 s | Apr. 24-30 s
Silver Lake WMA Q35 Mar. 25-Apr. 6 s
Standing Boy Creek State Park Q10 Apr. 22-30 s; Archery only.
West Point WMA Q80 Mar. 25-Apr. 2 s
Wilson Shoals WMA Q15 Mar. 25-Apr. 1 s

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