5 Great Podcasts for the Southern Hunter


I have to admit, I was a late adopter of the whole podcasting craze. While I enjoy reading about hunting and watching a good hunt, the thought of listening to guys just talk about hunting didn’t appeal to me. But like a lot of things in life, I gave it a try and was surprised to find that I really enjoyed them — well most of them, anyways. I started off with some of the popular national hunting podcasts, and soon found myself seeking out podcasts that spoke more to my specific interests: hunting public land and, more specifically, hunting in the South.  And while there isn’t an overabundance of hunting podcasts with a southern flair, there are several I listen to on a regular basis that I would highly recommend checking out.

Here are my top 5 favorite southern hunting podcasts, in no particular order.

Whitetail Guru Podcast

The Whitetail Guru hunting podcast, hosted by my friend Nathan Unger, is specifically designed to educate as well as entertain hunters in the South. The podcast primarily focuses on whitetail hunting, however it does occasionally highlight other species as well as different regions. The show features interviews with biologists, hunting experts, and the average, everyday hunter so you can glean valuable insight from all different perspectives. Check on the Whitetail Guru podcast online or through your favorite podcast software. – https://whitetailguruhunting.com/podcast/


Hunt the Land Podcast

The Hunt the Land podcast is dedicated to white-tailed deer, habitat management, and bowhunting. This weekly podcast is hosted by Mark Turner and Moriah Boggess, two wildlife graduate students studying white-tailed deer and habitat management, with new episodes posted every Wednesday. Check out the Hunt the Land podcast at http://www.huntingtheland.com/podcast/


Down South Hunting

Hosted by my friend Mike Higman, the Down South Hunting Podcast focuses on tactics, strategy, biology, stories and more for all kinds of southern wild game on public land, private, leases, and hunt clubs. The podcast strives to be entertaining and informational for hunters from across the globe with a focus on white-tailed deer and turkey. You can check out the Down South Hunting podcast at http://www.downsouthhunting.com/.



Southern Ground

The Southern Ground Hunting Podcast, hosted by Parker McDonald, discusses a variety of topics and tactics with a common theme of chasing those elusive southern whitetails. They believe that on this ground we call “the South”, hunting is more than just a hobby, it’s a tradition… a lifestyle. The hosts strive to learn new things every time they step foot in the woods, and bring their listeners the raw & real truth about hunting in this part of the U.S. The Southern Ground crew try every episode to give you, at the very least, a small nugget of wisdom to help you be successful on your next hunt.  https://www.southerngroundhunting.com/


Southern Outdoorsmen

The Southern Outdoorsmen Podcast is a show dedicated to all things hunting related in the South. From deer hunting in the fall, to turkey hunting in the spring, they talk about it amongst themselves and their guests every week. Follow along as they dive into tips, tactics, and strategies useful to the southern hunter and outdoorsman. Be sure to check out their strut reports in the spring, which are additional weekly episodes that cover turkey activity, featuring info from turkey hunters from across the country. https://www.thesouthernoutdoorsmen.com/podcast

What Hunting Podcasts Do You Listen To?

Give these five southern podcasts a listen, and let me know what you think. Be sure to subscribe to each and give them a rating on the respective podcast platform that you use. If I missed one of your favorite southern podcasts, let me know in the comments section below. I’m always looking for another podcast to add to my list.

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