Changes in Store for Georgia’s 2019-2020 Hunting Seasons


The 2019-2020 Georgia Hunting Seasons and Regulations Guide is now available online and in various retail establishments. This guide provides important information on season dates, bag limits, hunting licenses, wildlife management areas, quota hunts, youth opportunities and much more.  You may view, download and print the guide at Pick up a printed copy at Wildlife Resources Division offices and license vendors throughout Georgia.

Some of the major changes to the hunting regulations this year include:

  • New Public Hunting Opportunities: Several new (or additions to existing) properties will be available, including Canoochee Sandhills WMA (Bulloch/Bryan counties), Bullard Creek WMA (Appling County), Rum Creek WMA (Monroe County), Berry Creek Area (Monroe County), and  Lanahassee WMA (Webster County). More about each property at
  • Air Guns: Air guns are legal weapons for hunting big game during primitive weapons and firearms seasons. Review definitions and restrictions.
  • Additions-Extended Archery Deer Season: Bibb, Chatham, Clarke and Henry have been added to the list of counties where archery season is open until Jan. 31.
  • Bear: Central Zone hunt moved to third Saturday in December. Camden County added to Southern Bear Zone.
  • Deer Either-Sex Days: The number of either sex days increased for Banks, Franklin and Hart counties, and decreased for counties in the Mountains and Ridge Valley regions. All Chattahoochee National Forest lands east of I-75 are closed to antlerless deer hunting during archery, primitive weapons, and firearms deer seasons.

CORRECTIONS: Please note the following corrections to the printed guide (the e-regulations online are correct):

  • Quail/Rabbit Opening Date: Nov. 16, 2019
  • Crow Season: Nov. 2, 2019-Feb. 28, 2020
  • Ossabaw Island Either Sex Deer Quota Hunt (Nov. 28-30, 2019) is a Youth Hunt, not available to adults.

Members of the Board of Natural Resources enact hunting regulations by acting on recommendations made by the Division’s professional wildlife biologists.  Georgia’s game and fish laws are enacted by the elected members of the General Assembly.

For more information on Georgia hunting seasons and regulations, visit or contact a local Wildlife Resources Division office (

2 thoughts on “Changes in Store for Georgia’s 2019-2020 Hunting Seasons

  • GAllen Boyd

    I have been only feeding deer for pleasure for over 20 years. It’s SAD to think that I am only flatlining them up for someone to shoot for a head on the wall here in Pickens County-Dawson County. Yes, some on Private property! What can I do?

    • suz

      Well, yes you are feeding them as your pets. But I don’t see them as pets they put food on my table for my family. Not all hunters hunt for the horns on the wall. Deer travel many miles in their home area. If on Private property then you have to get all the information and relay that to the Dept of Nat. Resources law enforcement.

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