Drawing Odds for Georgia’s 2018 Deer Quota Hunts


Applying for Georgia's quota deer hunts can be a gamble. You want to use enough preference points — providing you have some saved up — to draw the hunt you desire, but you don't want to waste them by using more points than necessary. There's no way to know for sure exactly how many to points to wager for any particular hunt but by checking out the draw results from past years, you can at least gain an idea of how many points it may take to draw that hunt you've been waiting for. So to help you out, we have listed the drawing results LAST YEAR's hunts. While there's no guarantee the chips will fall the same way this season, it will certainly give you a starting point. Before you check out the full table below, here are a few interesting facts from last year's deer quota hunt drawing:

  • Everyone who wagered 3 points on a deer got drawn for their first-choice hunt, with the exception of the first Flint River WMA hunt.
  • Only four hunts required more than 2 points to draw: Chattahoochee Fall Line WMA - Fort Perry Tract 2nd hunt, both Flint River WMA hunts, and the Ossabaw Island WMA 2nd hunt.
  • On 9 quota hunts, everyone who put in for the hunt as their first choice was drawn (No points were needed)

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